FUEL GILT Conference 2013

Marriott Courtyard - Bund Garden Road, Pune, India
September 6 - 7 2013


FUEL is an open source effort that aims to solve the problem of inconsistency and lack of standardization in software translation across platforms. FUEL provides linguistic and technical resources, such as standardized terminology resources, computer translation style and convention guides, assessment methodologies, complex text-layout rendering references, and translation assessment matrices. FUEL can be adopted by any localized content-generating organization or team that wants to ensure consistently high quality. The approach of FUEL to create linguistic resources is not different from any software development. The uniqueness of the idea behind FUEL is the power of collaborative innovation.

FUEL is modular in nature and concentrates on base registers. This makes FUEL citizen-centric, which makes FUEL an ideal solution for e-Governance work.

Since its initiation by Red Hat, FUEL has grown into a larger effort. Resources created by FUEL are now used by approximately 40 language communities and many organizations, including C-DAC GIST, Red Hat, and Wikimedia Foundation. FUEL is cited as a reference standard in Best Practices for Localization of e-Gov Applications in India.

To commemorate the five-year anniversary of FUEL, Red Hat and C-DAC GIST will hold a GILT conference focusing on the linguistic aspects of software translation. This GILT conference will gather industry localization experts, linguists, internationalization engineering, and testing professionals.

FUEL GILT Conference 2013 is being organized by Red Hat and C-DAC GIST.

Participants in the conference will get a chance to meet localization experts working in the industry, and learning sessions will be held for localizers who are just starting out. The conference will focus on the democratization of content.


To establish a common and universal platform to support continued development and adherence of GILT standards by building the consensus for it's development, establishment and promotion with the help of community and organizations working towards the aim of democratization of content and wider awareness and acceptance of these standards.

Expected Audience

People working or interested on translation, font development, language standardization, machine translation, glossary development, rendering, style guide, assessment matrix, spell checker, language testing, script grammar, unicode, content generation, input methods, tools and applications, dictionary, content licencing under GILT (Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation) for local language.

Call for Papers - CLOSED Program Schedule: Live Now

The Conference language is English. Anyone who wishes to present in another language may do so, provided that an English interpretation is arranged. English has 360 million native speakers, but FUEL Project cannot neglect the pool of talents from rest of the populations who speak languages other than English.

Participants are requested to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Some participants who have been active within the community may be provided with travel and accommodation. Travel and accommodation may be provided to participants, depending on their activity in the community, or the importance of the paper presented, or the distance from the venue. Please contact us to apply for travel and accommodation.

Tracks for the papers:
  1. Globalization, Language and Translations (Papers that showcase the importance of language and culture and their role in modern life.)
  2. Standards: Linguistic resource (work on Terminology, Glossary, Dictionary, Style Guide, Unicode, CLDR, FUEL Modules, Script Grammar, falls into this category)
  3. Tools & Technologies (Development of translation management systems, rendering Systems, quality assessment tools, fonts, and input methods fall into to this category.)
  4. Localization in FOSS (The volunteer localization efforts in the FOSS world, how they contribute, what they contribute, fall into this category.)
  5. Open Track (Anything related to GILT could also be considered, if the schedule permits.)

Registration - CLOSED

Registration is free. Registration confirms your attendance at the conference.

To register yourself for the conference, please click here before 25th August 2013.

Help us Organize

Since 2008, FUEL has worked with different language communities to provide standard linguistic resources to localizers. These resources include terminologies, style guides, rendering system and assessment methods. Initiated by Red Hat, FUEL has grown into a larger effort. Resources created by FUEL are now used by several language communities, organizations, companies, tools, and pieces of software. In 2013, the Government of Maharashtra, India chose FUEL for its e-Governance standard. C-DAC GIST cited FUEL in its Localization Guidelines for term consistency in the context of Indian Languages. FUEL is cited as a reference standard in 'Best Practices for Localization of e-Gov Applications in India. The collaboration with Wikimedia Foundation has given FUEL a broader visibilty, and FUEL is now contribued to in approximatelt 40 languages. Recently FUEL Terminology files have been hosted on Zanata to get the benefit of one another wider community expertize.



Press Room

For press inquiries about the FUEL GILT Conference, please contact Rajesh Ranjan <rajesh672@gmail.com> / +91 9860576239 or Ankitkumar Patel <ankit@redhat.com> / +91 9890772942 or Chandrakant Dhutadmal <chandrakantd@cdac.in> / +91 9823050212